Tree Remedial Works East Melbourne

Trees can be healthy but structurally poor. Co-dominant stems, bifurcated stem unions, and included bark can all be potential failure points.

This does not always mean tree removal is the only option.

Cable and Bracing work are both viable Arboricultural practices that can be undertaken to reduce the risk of failure potential. Current systems can either be static or dynamic in nature.

Static systems employ rigid hardware such as steel core cable, all thread, bolts & clamps and by the nature of the components, there is little flexibility in the design.

Dynamic bracing systems are less injurious to the tree and aim to support structural faults or failure concerns whilst still allowing a more natural range of movement (although limited).

Future growth and weathering of materials dictate that once installed all systems require periodic inspection and maintenance.

Whether a tree is suitable for cable bracing depends on many factors. Both systems have positives and negatives that must be discussed with a suitably qualified and experienced Arborist only.

Heritage Tree Professionals also provides a limited Plant Health Care service. Stem injection to help control common insect problems such as Elm Leaf Beetle, Physllid and Scale, among others, can be undertaken. Once again your options and the viability of the treatment must be established with regard to each individual site and tree prior to proceeding.