Tree Removal Experts in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs

When Pruning is unable to provide a satisfactory outcome for a client, complete tree removal may be required.

There are many valid reasons why trees need removing ranging from Health and Safety concerns through to physical disturbance of the surrounding landscape. Some species act as weeds while other species may simply  be inappropriate for the site in question.

In an urban setting the majority of trees will need to be removed sectionally, utilizing current climbing and rigging techniques. The inherent risks such a practice presents to operators, public and property alike cannot be understated. It is important for you as the client to understand how a contractor proposes to perform the works and to what level they are insured for any liability.

Shortcuts in process or equipment are not engaged by Heritage Tree Professionals and we pride ourselves on being able to dismantle trees in a confined space with minimal disturbance to the immediate environment.

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