Why don’t we Lop

The public often understands the term “lopping” to mean pruning.

As Arborists “lopping” of a tree's canopy often represents work that is of an indiscriminate nature, showing little understanding of tree biology, species and health.

Trees respond to lopping in the following ways:

  • Death of the entire tree or lopped section
  • Re-shooting of epicormic buds around the lopped point. This is the trees attempt to replace the lost canopy it required to maintain a healthy system. These shoots often grow rapidly and are poorly attached,  leading to a much higher potential for future failure and posing risk to the surrounding public and or property.


If trees were meant to be lopped then they would display that in their natural growth habit. One of the few exceptions to this is when certain species are grown and manipulated to form hedges.


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Lopped Lemon-Scented Gum, the central trunk has died & the limb over the driveway is sprouting with epicormic growth   Lopped tree that has died completely   Which tree do you prefer to look at?