Professional pruning should be conducted in line with current Australian Standards and requires a knowledge of Tree species and biology.

Trees do not heal wounds,  they compartmentalise. An experienced Arborist has a good working knowledge of C.O.D.I.T theory ( Compartmentalisation of Decay in Trees ) and how different tree species respond to pruning wounds.

Crown reduction, thinning, uplifting, removal of deadwood, selective weight reduction, partial or whole limb removal are all common pruning practices.

The extent to which they are required is determined by a balance of client needs, tree species and current health and safety concerns.

When choosing a contractor to prune your trees please bear in mind poor practices cannot be undone. Quality Pruning work should not need to be repeated for many years.

Heritage Tree Professionals aims to achieve long-term results for our clients with tree health and integrity intact.

 Ask questions and keep in mind correct pruning practices respect a trees inherent beauty and structure.


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